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Squid Game season 2 on Netflix release date, cast, plot – Aftab Technical

Squid Game season 2 on Netflix release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Squid Game spoilers follow.

Anyone complaining that there's nothing good to watch on Netflix clearly hasn't been paying attention to all the amazing Korean content that's available to subscribers worldwide. From Love Alarm and Taejon Class to Kingdom and Crash Landing On You, there's a whole world of Korean content on there that demands to be explored. But if you haven't done so already, you might want to start with Squid Game, a new thriller that may turn out to be Netflix's most popular Korean export yet.

In a similar vein to The Hunger Games and Japanese stories like Battle Royale, As the Gods Will and Alice In Borderland, Squid Game forces strangers to fight to the death in a twisted and deadly competition. If they survive long enough to win, they're awarded an obscene amount of money, but what sets this show apart from the rest is that each one of these participants actually volunteers to play of their own free will. Even after they find out what horrors await, they are all in a desperate enough situation (through debt, mostly) that they want to come back.

The games are also much simpler than those of other death-arena tales. Writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk told Indian news service IANS, "There are many works that depict survival games or death matches but most of this survival game-themed artworks depict how complex the games are and how dangerous… Squid Game is different… It features childhood games that are quite childish and simple."

For those of you who have already binged all nine episodes of season one, join us as we place a call of our own, get the green tracksuit out of the cupboard (or would we have the red jumpsuit and black facemask...?) and dive into this pastel-coloured world for a second round of Squid Game season two.

Squid Game season 2 release date: When Will it air?

Squid Game
Squid Game hasn't been officially renewed yet by Netflix, but an announcement shouldn't take too long if all the buzz around this show is anything to go by.

Squid Game was first announced in 2019, which means that production on season one took two years to complete. But now that many of the key pieces are in place, we hope a second season could arrive as soon as late 2022.

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk recently told YTN, a Korean news outlet, that he first thought of the show's premise back in 2008, so he's had plenty of time to flesh out a longer game plan beyond season one.

Hwang told Variety, however, that, "I don't have well-developed plans for Squid Game 2. It is quite tiring just thinking about it. But if I were to do it, I would certainly not do it alone. I'd consider using a writers' room and would want multiple experienced directors."

And he's not a speedy guy when flying solo: "It took me six months to write and rewrite the first two episodes. Then I consulted verbally with friends, and picked up clues for improvements through my own pitching and from their responses."

The writer-director is currently working on a movie, working title KO Club (Killing Old Men Club), about intergenerational war, so there may be a bit of a wait till any second season. Unless, of course, Squid Game season one's phenomenal international success motivates Hwang to go back to the arena. Which would, if you think about it, be a very Squid Game thing to happen.

Squid Game season 2 cast: Who's in it?

Squid Game

Out of the first season's 456 competitors, most are now dead, aside from Lee Jungian, who could possibly return again in the lead role as Seong Gi-hun. Other characters who died, like Park Hae-soo, Oh Yeong-su and Jung Ho-yeon, could also return in flashbacks, but the majority of season two's cast will likely be made up of newbies. (Given Jung's global breakout stardom, one would imagine they'll try to find a way to bring her back.)

However, one other important name that fans would be keen to see return is Gong Yoo, the Korean icon who's most recognizable to international audiences as the star of Train To Busan.

Not only was Gong's high-profile cameo a highlight for fans, but it also sets up the possibility of a return for his character. After all, he must surely be out there somewhere, still recruiting new participants to die in the game, so it wouldn't be hard to bring Gong's character back in season two (hopefully with more scenes this time round).

Squid Game season 2 plot: What will occur?

Toward the end of Squid Game's first season, Gi-hun has figured out how to overcome the game against all chances. Yet, the game's not finished at this point. Following the passing of the Squid Game's maker, Gi-hun finds that the opposition is as yet going with newcomers. Given this, it is not difficult to proceed with the story with Gi-hun focal point of the audience once more, doing everything he can to stop the game, similarly as he pledges to do in those last minutes.

Nonetheless, there's additionally an odd feeling of resoluteness to that scene too, and it's difficult to envision how Gi-hun might actually overcome the game's makers, even with his freshly discovered abundance.

One difficulty is the inconceivability of his steadily slipping into anyplace undetected with that mop of fire red hair. Gi-hun colored his normally dark hair dazzling red in the last scene for vague reasons. While you may believe it isn't so significant, Hwang Dong-hyuk clashes: "[It] addresses that he won't ever have the option to return to his old self. It is likewise an indication of his fury," he told Radio Times

In any case, if the makers do choose to continue on from Gi-hun's story, there's still a lot of alternate ways for Squid Game to proceed in season two.

Lair of Geek notes that these Squid Games aren't simply situated in Korea, so given the global extent of this task, it's altogether conceivable that a subsequent season could happen elsewhere totally. In any case, the issue with that is this show is a Korean creation, which would make it hard to unexpectedly up sticks and move everything to another country.

In case that is not an option, Squid Game could likewise proceed with a prequel season that ganders at how this wrecked rivalry began. All things considered, we realize that this has been continuing for quite a long time, and it is interesting to see the beginnings of this while likewise figuring out Oh Il-nam's history. As the incomparable Ru Paul said on many occasions, "There's a game inside a game," and that is the reason there's a ton of degree to investigate how that twist specifically became.

"I needed to compose a story that was a purposeful anecdote or tale about present day entrepreneur society, something that portrays an outrageous rivalry, to some degree like the outrageous contest of life. In any case, I needed it to utilize the sort of characters we've all met, in actuality," Hwang told Variety. He developed it in a meeting with The Times, saying "we're simply totally centered around winning. I needed to enjoy some time off and ponder who makes the framework, and what we're moving towards."

Considering that private enterprise is somewhat of a major theme, you'd think there would be more for Hwang to investigate.

Yet, there are different thoughts Hwang is keen on. "While I was composing season one," he told The Times, "I pondered the tales that could be in season two in the event that I will do one – one would be the tale of the Frontman. I think the issue with cops isn't only an issue in Korea. I see it on the worldwide news that the police power can be extremely late on following up on things – there are more casualties or a circumstance deteriorates in view of them not moving quickly enough. This was an issue that I needed to raise. Possibly in season two I can discuss this more."

So it appears to be that the crossing point of force, social control and law implementation is a theme Hwang considers beneficial. The Frontman himself wasn't a cop (his sibling was, obviously, and burned through a large portion of season one taking cover behind a trooper veil in a red boiler suit as he – disastrously – attempted to discover what had befallen his clearly missing sibling). The Frontman's job in the game was particularly about keeping control, in a dim, humorous reverberation of his sibling's job in the public arena. We are absolutely up for a series that tests the importance of "the social request" in the way that season one held free enterprise up to the light.

However, long Hwang can discover enough essayists of a similar degree of ability to help him, that is.

Squid game hypotheses

A fan hypothesis has illuminated the main series and could well direct the heading of a potential second season. The hypothesis goes that Oh Il-nam, the elderly person who was both the central wellspring of Gi-hun's recovery and the detestable virtuoso behind the games, was something beyond a games-frantic old jerk. He was, truth be told, his dad.

Consider it: Gi-hun never makes reference to his own dad, and soaks up his persevering mother. The main clue is when Il-nam says to Gi-hun, "I'm willing to wager you got hit a great deal… so did my child. He was actually similar to you, companion."

Up until now, so unplanned. Be that as it may, consider how genuinely put he was in Gi-hun from a beginning phase. It very well may be chalked up as appreciation for Gi-hun's benevolence, however it very well may be another component, particularly when you consider the event when he gave him his dry coat in return for Gi-hun's, which was covering his pee-stain. Might he have been shielding him from the fighters, who – we currently know – could never shoot Number 001?

Then, at that point, there was the marble-game road scene. "You know, when I was a child?" Il-nam says. "I lived in an area actually like this."

"I did as well," Gi-hun answers. "Also, you know something? Our backstreet looked basically the same."

As yet seeming like an occurrence? All things considered, yes.

In any case, recollect the piece of talk regarding what day it was? "Is it the 24th?" burbles the elderly person, obviously during the time spent losing his marbles both in a real sense and metaphorically. He needs to know since he thinks his child's birthday is coming up, and he needs to get him a present.

Cast your brain back to when Gi-hun took his mom's money card and attempted to utilize it at the ATM. The principal PIN he attempted was his own birthday – 0426. (Which implies he imparts a birthday to Channing Tatum. However, this amounts to nothing.) If the elderly person was claiming to think it was the 24th of April – then, at that point, his child's birthday might have been the 26th, as Hun Gi's.

There are a lot of uncertainties in the hypothesis, obviously, however it could remain constant...

Hwang uncovered to Radio Times that he might want to investigate a greater amount of Oh Il-nam's set of experiences in ongoing scenes. "Gracious Il-nam is a man of immense accomplishment from nothing. As we see from the expression 'the cash man', he is a hidden big cheese in the monetary business.

"It appears, nonetheless, the way how he longs for the glad snapshots of his past shows that he has lost numerous things, including his family and his mankind, as the expense of progress. On the off chance that there will be a season two, we may uncover somewhat more in regard to his past story.

"I do acknowledge there are gigantic assumptions for season two," he said. "It isn't so much that I haven't contemplated season two by any means, and I likewise have a harsh structure for it. However, I continue to find out if I can improve it than season one. I don't need individuals to get frustrated over the new season."

Squid Game season 2 trailer: When would I be able to watch it?

Squid Game has put us off betting forever, yet on the off chance that we needed to wager cash on when new film will show up, late 2022 appears to be a conceivably sure thing.

Squid Game is now accessible to watch on Netflix

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