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Google Patent Application Seo Highlights

google seo patents

Google Application search engines optimization (SEO)

The recent application filed by Google details various things the program uses to rank sites. The particular application is summarized as:

“A technique for marking a document, comprising: distinguishing a document; getting one or additional kinds of history knowledge related to the document; and generating a score for the document supported the one or additional kinds of history knowledge.”

The application sheds vital lightweight for those following program improvement with Google. Patent applications may be tough to grasp, thus following area unit highlights that you simply ought to take into account for your SEO efforts.

Update Your website

Updating your website is vital once it involves maximizing your rankings on Google. Additionally to the manipulation of keyword density and meta tags, the application reveals that Google places vital worth on however usually your content is updated. The additional usually you update, the timely and relevant your website can seem to Google. In turn, this ends up in higher rankings.

To appease mighty Google, take into account the subsequent set up of action:

1. Update pages oft,

2. Add new pages to your website,

3. Interlink the new pages with others on your website, and

4. Add new pages on a weekly basis rather than all right away.

When Google returns to the location, you would like to create positive that there's new content. The high rankings of journal sites area unit proof of this approach.

Google’s watching Your Domain

In a new twist, Google claims that it analyzes the amount of years of domain registration as a part of the ranking method. The applying suggests that domains that area unit registered for extended periods of your time area unit given additional worth as a result of such a commitment shows the location isn't a fly-by-night jump page. It's suggested that you simply extend all domain registrations for as long as potential as a part of your program improvement efforts. It's tough to inform what quantity the registration method impacts the ranking method, however each little helps.

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Google claims that it conjointly digs deeper into domain names to judge the legitimacy of the location. Factors within the analysis embody the online host and therefore the “who is” data. Consistent with the application, Google maintains an info of hosts that facilitate spamming of the Google program. Whereas such hosts aren't elaborate within the application, pray to God that you simply aren't victimization one. You must valuate your host if your improvement efforts aren't manufacturing results google seo patents.

If your program improvement efforts for Google area unit failing, the application could offer answers. Quote an ideal E-book!