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Hypnosis And Nlp In The Management Of Pain


Pain can be defined as a symptom of some physical injury or disorder, an emotional distress or an affliction.  Mild pain can be treated in many ways ... balm over the counter drugs.  What will happen if the pain is complete, but is it unbearable?  By the way we get prescription drugs.  Most medications work very well, but for some people with severe or chronic pain, hypnosis works wonders and NLP.

  What is NLP?  It is neuro-linguistic programming.  NLP uses a set of models and theories to describe the relationship between mind and language.  Although initially dubious about treating pain with hypnosis, the medical community is now of the opinion that hypnosis actually helps control pain.

  Acute pain lasts for a short time while chronic pain lasts for a longer period of time and usually more than a month.  Even mild low levels of pain can be debilitating.  Pain comes in many forms, jabbing, throbbing stabbing, nagging etc.  Pain is also affected by various factors such as memory, emotions, and each person's physical condition.  Another major worrying complication is that multiple work is sometimes not a biological cause of pain.

  Pain is sometimes described as recalled pain of the past, experiences of present pain, and anticipated pain in the future.  The combination of these three often gives us the meaning of pain and this is the reason why chronic pain is almost always so debilitating.  Does the pain increase more? Hopefully, the pain will end the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that.

  Below is the way to get rid of pain from the root

  Trance and relaxation are the easiest methods that can be relaxed.  The way to relax is simple.  All you have to do is tell yourself in a deep and gentle tone and take a deep breath and relax.  You should relax more with each breath.  Tell yourself that as you count from 1 to 5, you will rest until you are in trance.

  Synesthesia is a technique best performed in a light trance.  In this technique you seek pain as a sensation.  What is pain really?  Where is it, is it a slow or fast moving pain?  Does it have any color and texture?  How does it work?  This may sound difficult but don't worry.  The important thing is to try and give some meaning to your pain, shape it so that it makes some sense to your unconscious mind.  What you need to do next is to think that the pain is outside your body where it is easy to observe.  Try and test it from the said location at a distance of about two meters.  What you can do now is to change the quality of the pain.  Make it smaller or bigger or change the color and sound.  Change the way it is moved.  Now see what happens when it hurts.  When you are finally satisfied with the changes in your pain, you can send the entire pain to a distant place or you can also put it back in your body but in a different place where the pain can be more manageable.  Or even better, you can simply turn your pain downward and place it back in the same place so that it cancels the original pain.