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How to earn 💰 money uc browser step by step guide 2020.

One of the biggest online companies in China, Alibaba has recently announced UC We Media Program under which Indian writers get an opportunity to write for them and also earn money. Selected writers can earn a minimum of 50k per month by publishing their articles on UC News platform.

How? Lets check

Practical Tips to Make Money on UC Browser We Media Reward Platform

1. Hindi Content has 1.5x more traffic on UC News India as compared to English

It is a fact that Hindi content gets 1.5x more traffic on UC in India. The Hindi content viewers are also increasing by 350% as against English which is 200% YoY on the UC News platform. Thus, it will be wiser to write/share Hindi content on the UC News platform if you want more views and income.

2. Niches that Work — Politics, Bollywood, TV News, Tech, Recipes/Food

As per studies shared by UC with content partners, here are the niches that are viewed the maximum (in order of popularity):

  • Politics
  • Bollywood
  • TV News
  • Technology
  • Food & Recipes

Thus, it will be wiser to have a bollywood or politics blog if you want to make money with UC Browser We Media platform.

3. Syndication of your Blog is Better than Writing Fresh Posts

If you are planning to head start with the UC News platform, it is better if you share your RSS link with them and let all the content be republished. The content is mostly published on app networks and anyway Google doesn’t give preference to Alibaba products so you don’t have to worry about any negative SEO. In fact, there are links to your website on the article posted on UC and it might create a source of traffic for you.

Don’ts If you Wish to Make Money with UC Browser We Media Reward Program

1. Articles with mention to most American Internet Companies including Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Upwork, Freelancer etc are Suspended by UC Content Team

There is a host of top American companies that UC doesn’t want you to mention on their platform. It is advisable to read all the Content Guidelines by Alibaba Inc.

2. There is a lot of Uncertainty and Inefficiency in the Content Management

As you might have been able to see from my “posts” screenshot above, the UC Content team is not very efficient or clear while approving/disapproving content on the platform. There are more than 30 “pending” posts on the dashboard from months. We don’t know why they aren’t being approved/ rejected. Thus, my point of syndication and not writing especially for the platforms comes into play here.

You can also apply for the recently announced “Super 1000” UC We Media Reward program if you are serious to make money with UC Browser We Media Program. However, there are several conditions to be fulfilled before that. They want you to build your profile, get at least 2000 views on 1 article and have a monetised profile first. Post that, you have to answer questions about the niche, write a sample post etc to apply to Reward program. As per our estimation, the reward program selection will depend highly on how your content has been faring on the UC We Media Platform.